Friday, October 16, 2015

Govinda Story time: New video - Curing our Envy

Govinda Story time: New video - Curing our Envy WELCOME TO LIGHT OF GODHEAD Follow us on facebook at: Key lessons learnt: 1. Krsna is at the center in Goloka Vrindavana 2. Moment we wanted to be the center, we fell down to the material world due to envy. 3. Only way to go back home is to develop love for Krsna again. 4. Sharing: Nine processes of devotional service as stated by Prahlada maharaja. 5. Analogy of how a jaundiced person is cured by the very sugarcane juice which tastes bitter. 6. Similarly the very chanting which is not so relishable right now will give us pure love for Krsna. For more details visit: To Watch more Videos from this playlist, visit: For More Krishna Conscious Kids Contents visit:

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