Saturday, March 5, 2016

News - Krishna conscious Carnival at Hungarian Nursery Schools

Krishna-conscious Carnival at Hungarian Nursery Schools The day of the carnival was full of activities -- they decorated the school, enjoyed dancing and singing, playing with the balloons, eating delicious donuts, but everyone agreed, the highlight of the day was the Krishna-conscious costume party. Honoring ISKCON's 50th anniversary Visnujana was dressed up as Srila Prabhupada. Always very enthousiastic about chanting, Mira showed up as a bead bag. Krishna was inpersonated by 5-year old Nila. "Lord Shiva" did not want to miss the party either (Govinda, 4). One has to look appropriately somber if dressed up as Lord Nrsimhadeva (Harinam, 4). All the "Lordships", "incarnations" and their devotees enjoying playing with the ballons and having a great time together. "Jagannath", "Baladeva and "Subadra" getting a special prize for their costume in Krishna-valley #laxmi

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