Monday, March 7, 2016

The Spiritual Principle

It is described that the mercy of Krishna is like the Sun. The Sun does not discriminate, whether you are from this family or that family, this nationality or that nationality. The Sun rises for our benefit, giving itself to everyone. But if you hide in a cave that is your own misfortune. And those representing the Lord, they are like mirrors of the Sun of Krishna’s mercy. They are reflecting the divine mercy of the Lord in all directions to anyone who is simply accepting it. And what is the problem in this world? The problem is that such great souls are so rare to find. Everyone is pursuing their own petty, selfish ambitions in life. They are missing the whole point of human civilization, which is to act as a servant of God for the welfare of all living beings. And you should know, until you accept that principle in your life, you will never find real happiness. The more you take the less you have. The more you give the more you have. This is the spiritual principle. Of course, if you have nothing, what have you to give. So therefore a devotee is very serious about their own spiritual practice. The great devotees of the Lord do not want to practice sadhana or Bhakti-yoga for their own spiritual advancement. They will be very attentive in their execution of devotional service so that they can make spiritual advancement. But the reason why is because the more advancement they make, the more they can give to others. They do not want to take anything for themselves. #laxmi

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