Thursday, April 28, 2016

News - TOVP Updates

TOVP updates Titanium Nitride Ribbons on the Chatris Another ‘historical event’ for the TOVP, gold ribbons in Titanium nitride are going up on the Chatris. These will catch the sunlight and create a beautiful golden glow, as seen in the pictures. State-of-the-Art Machinery This 5-AXIS, CNC router worktable measures 2m x 4m, with a rotary indexing head at one end that will do 900mm x 1.2mm designs. It will be used mainly for pattern making for GRC, as well as for the decorative ceilings, and woodcarving for the doors and frames. It has been specifically made for us. With this State-of-the-Art machine, we’ve replaced the Chinese stepper motors with Italian ones. We’ve also replaced the Chinese cutter head with a superior Italian one, which makes it better in all respects. It is a major purchase for the finishing work! #laxmi

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