Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Devotee Love Krishna In Every Situation-Jayadvait Swami ISKCON 2016 05 10 SB 10 81 21 23 Chowpatty

SB 10.81.21-23 iti tac cintayann antaḥ  prāpto niya-gṛhāntikam sūryānalendu-saṅkāśair  vimānaiḥ sarvato vṛtam vicitropavanodyānaiḥ  kūjad-dvija-kulākulaiḥ protphulla-kamudāmbhoja-  kahlārotpala-vāribhiḥ juṣṭaṁ sv-alaṅkṛtaiḥ pumbhiḥ  strībhiś ca hariṇākṣibhiḥ kim idaṁ kasya vā sthānaṁ  kathaṁ tad idam ity abhūt Word for word: iti — thus; tat — this; cintayan — thinking; antaḥ — inwardly; prāptaḥ — arrived; nija — his; gṛha — of the home; antikam — at the vicinity; sūrya — the sun; anala — fire; indu — and the moon; saṅkāśaiḥ — rivaling; vimānaiḥ — with celestial palaces; sarvataḥ — on all sides; vṛtam — surrounded; vicitra — wonderful; upavana — with courtyards; udyānaiḥ — and gardens; kūjat — cooing; dvija — of birds; kula — with hordes; ākulaiḥ — swarming; protphulla — fully bloomed; kumuda — having night-blooming lotuses; ambhoja — day-blooming lotuses; kahlāra — white lotuses; utpala — and water lilies; vāribhiḥ — with reservoirs of water; juṣṭam — adorned; su — well; alaṅkṛtaiḥ — ornamented; pumbhiḥ — with men; strībhiḥ — with women; ca — and; hariṇā — like those of she-deer; akṣibhiḥ — whose eyes; kim — what; idam — this; kasya — whose; vā — or; sthānam — place; katham — how; tat — it; idam — this; iti — so; abhūt — has become. Translation: [Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued:] Thinking thus to himself, Sudāmā finally came to the place where his home stood. But that place was now crowded on all sides with towering, celestial palaces rivaling the combined brilliance of the sun, fire and the moon. There were splendorous courtyards and gardens, each filled with flocks of cooing birds and beautified by ponds in which kumuda, ambhoja, kahlāra and utpala lotuses grew. Finely attired men and doe-eyed women stood in attendance. Sudāmā wondered, “What is all this? Whose property is it? How has this all come about?” Purport: Śrīla Śrīdhara Svāmī gives the sequence of the brāhmaṇa’s thoughts: First, seeing a great, unfamiliar effulgence, he thought, “What is this?” Then, noting the palaces, he asked himself, “Whose place is this?” And recognizing it as his own, he wondered, “How has it become so transformed?”

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