Monday, May 23, 2016

News - Iskcon Mayapur celebrates Narsimha Chaturdashi

The devotees of Iskcon Mayapur celebrated Narsimha Chaturdashi, the divine appearance day of Lord Narsimha Deva in the temple on Friday, May 20. To commemorate the occasion, discourses from Srimad Bhagwatam , glorifying the pastimes of the Lord Narsimha Deva was recited by H.H Bhakti Purshottam Swami in the morning followed by “Darshan Arti”. At dusk “Maha-Abhisheka” of the deity was performed by using sandalwood oil and other precious oils. Hundreds of devotees raised their arms and started dancing in ecstatic mood while chanting Narsimha prayers. The festivities included 12 hour Kirtan Mela for two days, palanquin procession, congregational chanting by thousands of devotees and performance of “yagna” to please the Lord. The entire temple campus was beautifully decorated by colourful flowers and the deity of Lord Narismha Deva was the centre of attraction. Lord Narsimha Deva is believed to be the protector of the devotees who face impediments in their lives. Devotees arrived in huge numbers with great joy to observe this festival. There are approximately 300 devotees came from various states of South India specifically to participate in this festival, other than this around 400 devotees came from various parts of Bengal and adjoining states. Source: #laxmi

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