Saturday, May 14, 2016

News - New Vrindaban Celebrates 30th Anniversary of U S A’s Only Full Size Nrsimha

New Vrindaban Celebrates 30th Anniversary of U.S.A’s Only Full-Size Nrsimha For thirty years, a very special Lord Nrsimhadeva Deity Sculpted by artist Soma Das in New Vrindaban and installed in 1986 has protected the devotees of New Vrindaban and all of North America, and received their love and service. The residents of the West Virginia village will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Lord Narsimha Dev's installation on His sacred appearance day. This year’s epic three-day anniversary festival will run from Friday May 20th – Nrsimha Chaturdasi – to Sunday May 22nd. On the first day, all the devotees will bathe the full-size Deities with a variety of liquids including milk, yoghurt and ghee from New Vindaban’s own protected cows. During this maha-abhisekha, one thousand Nrsimha Kavachas will also be knotted together into one huge garland, and offered to the Lord. On Saturday, the Nrsimha Kavacha mantra will be chanted 108 times during a fire sacrifice to invoke the feral Lord’s protection, and the thousand Kavachas will be distributed to the guests. And on both days, there will be dramatic retellings of the story of Nrsimhadeva and Prahlad by award-winning storyteller Sankirtan Das; roaring kirtans, special Nrsimha aratis; and delectable feasts Sunday, meanwhile, will wrap things up with a Govardhana parikrama and Sunday Feast. Senior Prabhupada disciples Urmila Dasi and Srutakirti Das will speak about Lord Nrsimhadeva’s loving pastimes; Soma Das and other early New Vrindaban devotees will share their memories of sculpting and installing the Lord thirty years ago. #laxmi

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