Friday, June 24, 2016

A True Devotee

The fruit of spiritual knowledge is to become humble and serve the Lord and His devotees. Although very elaborately and very philosophically mentioned in the scriptures, the essence of the highest knowledge in all creation is very simple. A true devotee is one who never finds faults in others. The scriptures do not say that one who is very learned, or one who is very austere, is a good devotee. One who is a humble servant of the Lord will never find faults in others. On the other hand, he will always see a positive opportunity to bring others up in spiritual consciousness. He is so humble and soft that he doesn’t feel he is entitled to find fault in others. This is one of the essential symptoms of one who has changed his heart, and one who is actually tasting the higher principle of glorifying the Lord. - HH Radhanath Swami #sjoshi

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