Monday, June 27, 2016

Two Principles Of Marriage

Across all religions there is a universal concept that when a man and woman marry with proper attitude they become one body. After marriage they start living for a common purpose – to serve God together. The first principle they follow is – “I will do anything to protect you and you will do anything to protect me. We are there for each other and whatever the difficulties we may face we will be faithful to each other, till death separates us.” This devotion to each other is the common principle of marriage. Secondly – “For raising children we will tolerate any differences between us for the sake of giving the children the best possible upbringing. Whether it’s a fight or cold war, children can feel the vibrations and its ruins them within. So in a marriage we have to give up our egos and our preferences because we share one principle – the welfare of our children. And all these activities become transcendental when it is done in the service of God. Because the children are God’s children and our bodies are God’s bodies we should not misuse them. Marriage is a divine relationship because we are responsible to God on behalf of each other; this is oneness in a marriage”. – HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj #sjoshi

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