Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Role Of Emotions In Krishna Conciusness -Adi Keshav Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty

2016 08 30 SB 10 85 16 18 Role Of Emotions In Krishna Conciusness Adi Keshav Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty SB 10.85.16 yadṛcchayā nṛtāṁ prāpya  su-kalpām iha durlabhām svārthe pramattasya vayo  gataṁ tvan-māyayeśvara Word for word: yadṛcchayā — somehow or other; nṛtām — human status; prāpya — obtaining; su-kalpām — fit; iha — in this life; durlabhām — difficult to achieve; sva — his own; arthe — about the welfare; pramattasya — of one who is confused; vayaḥ — the span of life; gatam — spent; tvat — Your; māyayā — by the illusory energy; īśvara — O Lord. Translation: By good fortune a soul may obtain a healthy human life — an opportunity rarely achieved. But if he is nonetheless deluded about what is best for him, O Lord, Your illusory Māyā will cause him to waste his entire life.

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