Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gopasthami Celebration -Vishwarup Prabhu 2016 11 08 SB 10 87 17 ISKCON Chowpatty

2016 11 08 SB 10 87 17 Gopasthami Celebration -Vishwarup Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty SB 10.87.17 dṛtaya iva śvasanty asu-bhṛto yadi te ’nuvidhā  mahad-aham-ādayo ’ṇḍam asṛjan yad-anugrahataḥ puruṣa-vidho ’nvayo ’tra caramo ’nna-mayādiṣu yaḥ  sad-asataḥ paraṁ tvam atha yad eṣv avaśeṣam ṛtam devā ūcuḥ Synonyms: dṛtayaḥ — bellows; iva — as if; śvasanti — they breathe; asu-bhṛtaḥ — alive; yadi — if; te — Your; anuvidhāḥ — faithful followers; mahat — the total material energy; aham — false ego; ādayaḥ — and the other elements of creation; aṇḍam — the universal egg; asṛjan — produced; yat — whose; anugrahataḥ — by the mercy; puruṣa — of the living entity; vidhaḥ — according to the particular forms; anvayaḥ — whose entrance; atra — among these; caramaḥ — the ultimate; anna-maya-ādiṣu — among the manifestations known as anna-maya and so on; yaḥ — who; sat-asataḥ — from gross and subtle matter; param — distinct; tvam — You; atha — and furthermore; yat — which; eṣu — among these; avaśeṣam — underlying; ṛtam — the reality. Translation: Only if they become Your faithful followers are those who breathe actually alive, otherwise their breathing is like that of a bellows. It is by Your mercy alone that the elements, beginning with the mahat-tattva and false ego, created the egg of this universe. Among the manifestations known as anna-maya and so forth, You are the ultimate one, entering within the material coverings along with the living entity and assuming the same forms as those he takes. Distinct from the gross and subtle material manifestations, You are the reality underlying them all.

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