Monday, November 21, 2016

Lunatic asylum

Are we from lunatic asylum? Once a king went to see the condition of mental asylum of his country. As soon as he entered into it he was asked by one of the patient,"who are you?", King said, "I am so and so, the king of this kingdom", patient started laughing loudly, king asked what happened, patient replied, "I also used to think I am king before coming to here". Although funny joke it teaches us nice message that patient was actually misidentifying king's position as well as his own thus was kept in asylum. But when he realises and accepts his position as servant of king he will be released. Similar is our case too! We also misidentify ownself, sometimes we think I am Indian, sometimes I am man, sometimes I am engineer, doctor, lawyer, sometimes housewife and so many other designations. But we are non of these, we are eternal soul, everything else is just outside temporary covering over the body. Just like patient who was thinking I am the king thus got admitted to hospital similarly we also thought we are the enjoyer, proprietor and master of the creation, The God, thus got admitted into this world. We not only misidentified our ownself but God too. We wanted to take his position, thus this world which is like hospital was created for souls who have misidentification problem. Purpose of hospital is to cure the disease and not to trouble the patient, if the patient is sincere in following doctors can fully get cured thus can be freed from hospital as early as possible. In conclusion when we become free from this misidentification by following doctors and their treatments in the sense spiritual teachers and Bhakti process, when we will understand our eternal position as servant of God we will be immediately released from hospital and given place into eternal blissful world from where we have come to this world. Article by Rupesh Gauranga Dasa

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