Thursday, November 24, 2016

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News Includes: BBT represented at the American Academy of Religion Conference 2016.90 Students Graduate from Nairobi’s Hare Krishna Training CenterHemel Hempstead FestivalMembers of the Rotary club help Iskcon Food for Life NepalTOVP visit to MoscowBajan in the park, San Diego, California.Buenos aires Ratha Yatra Festival, Harinama Ruci. You can share your Temple's, Congregation's and Namahatta's recent celebrations, events and activities with us to be published on Hare Krishna Times at ISKCON Desire Tree - Youtube Channel and Hare Krsna TV. Please send us the details which includes: Date, Place, Event, Dignitaries Present, and a small description of the same. Mail us at : For More News:

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