Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not Only Sonam Gupta but We all are BEWAFAA...

Sonam Gupta became an internet sensation in August earlier this year. She became the face of betrayal, and the internet despised her. On one side 'Sonam Gupta's protested stereotyping, and on the other, mostly men, empathised with the dejected lover. As prime minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8, when beloved currency notes ditched the possessors, Sonam Gupta reappeared and is taking the internet by storm again. Her story has moved on from a torn note to freshly released Rs 2,000 notes to coins and has even reached the moon. This is actually not something new in the material world, lovers always feel dejected or betrayed by loved ones because their incapacity to reciprocate. Also their concept of love is different from that which is given by scriptures thus due to unnecessary expectations from loved one they suffer mental agony. We can not guarantee long lasting love here because sometimes people are so susceptible to allurements given by others that they immediately change their relationships. Once we were also loving God so much, serving him in spiritual world but to experience little sensual pleasure we ended up coming here in this miserable material world. We forgot his love and pleasures enjoyed in his association. But even after leaving his service he allows us to enjoy pleasures of this world, in fact he accompanies us in all species of life trying to give guidance to return to him in eternal and blissful world again but we never listens to him. We are actually bewafaa, ungrateful to god, to our real lover, still he is maintaining and sustaining us by providing all necessities of life, he never demanded love from us, never said,"you are such ungrateful fools, I did so much for you and you left me", no, never, this is sign of perfect lover, who just want to serve, happy to see beloved in happiness, that's all. In conclusion from this whole episode we should learn to increase our own gratefulness and faithfulness towards lord by regularly remembering him in the form of chanting his holy names. Article by Rupesh Gauranga Dasa

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