Monday, November 28, 2016

Swachh Bharat but what about Swachh Mana(mind)

Swachh Bharat...what about swachh Mana(mind) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national campaign by the Government of India, covering 4,041 statutory cities and towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. It is India's biggest ever cleanliness drive with 3 million government employees and school and college students of India participating in this event. Swachh Bharat will be successful only if people of country do not litter it again, otherwise it will so happen that on one side group of people cleaning the city or village and others are littering there again. So this littering, spoiling tendencies of the people have to be removed first from their mind. Our surroundings are nothing but projection of our mind. If mind is contaminated we will contaminate the surrounding, if the mind is pure then we will take utmost care to keep environment pure and clean. Just like till the time corruptive proclivities doesn't go away from heart, person will again and again try for corruption although there may be serious laws. Therefore underground work has to be done first, we can't have 100 storeys building first and then foundation, else however beautiful architect we may make, it will collapse. Similarly cleaning the mind of all the unwanted thing is basis, foundation, in fact it's a goal of human life-to clean the mind and engage it in the service of the God. Gita explains 'mind can be our friend or enemy', friend will help us to rise, enemy will always pull our legs making our move towards again to bad habits (in this case littering) and because we have failed to conquer the enemy(mind) we will have to listen to it, its unhealthy demands, its contaminated desires which will make country ultimately unclean only. In conclusion swachh Bharat abhiyan can have bright future only if we first carry out 'Swachh Mana abhiyan'. Mind can be cleaned not with chemical soap or water but only when it comes in touch with most pure things, Holyname it slowly gets purified. Purified mind sees everything in relationship with the God, this earth, water, air everything thus it is very careful to protect these. If mind becomes purified then there is no need for special endeavour, propaganda or mission to keep India clean, it will happens automatically!! rupesh gauranga das

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