Friday, November 18, 2016

The greatest fear is the fear of losing the key to freedom

Material existence is like a prison, for it subjects us to multiple miseries, especially the ultimate agony of death. What imprisons us eternal spiritual beings is our desire to enjoy temporary material things. The key out of this prison is the human form because it provides the soul with the advanced intelligence to perceive the eternal and to redirect desires from the temporary to the eternal. Our desires determine our destination. As long as we love the temporary, we stay trapped in the temporary; when we learn to love the eternal, we attain the eternal. So, when we use our human life to redirect our desires from the temporary to the eternal, we use the key to attain freedom. For a prisoner who has been long incarcerated and has now got the key to get out, the greatest fear is losing the key. But just as an intoxicated prisoner doesn’t value the key, we don’t value the human form, being intoxicated with dreams and schemes of becoming happy in the material world, of converting our prison into our kingdom – a fool’s errand. However, when we become spiritually sober by studying Gita wisdom, we fear losing the key to freedom, that is, transmigrating downwards to the sub-human species. The Bhagavad-gita assures that we can gain protection from this fear if we begin pursuing the eternal by even slight yoga practice. Nature and ultimately nature’s Lord, Krishna, appreciate our spiritual desire and ensure that we get human births in future to continue our spiritual pursuit. Of course, if we use the key fully and learn to love Krishna during our lifetime, then we can go beyond this world filled with its many fears to the spiritual world, Vaikuntha that is free from all fear.

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