Thursday, November 10, 2016

Traversing Imitation World-Dwarkadhish Prabhu 2016 11 10 SB 10 87 19 ISKCON Chowpatty

2016 11 10 SB 10 87 19 Traversing Imitation World-Dwarkadhish Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty SB 10.87.19 sva-kṛta-vicitra-yoniṣu viśann iva hetutayā  taratamataś cakāssy anala-vat sva-kṛtānukṛtiḥ atha vitathāsv amūṣv avitathāṁ tava dhāma samaṁ  viraja-dhiyo ’nuyanty abhivipaṇyava eka-rasam Synonyms: sva — by Yourself; kṛta — created; vicitra — variegated; yoniṣu — within the species of life; viśan — entering; iva — apparently; hetutayā — as their motivation; taratamataḥ — according to hierarchies; cakāssi — You become visible; anala-vat — like fire; sva — Your own; kṛta — creation; anukṛtiḥ — imitating; atha — therefore; vitathāsu — unreal; amūṣu — among these (various species); avitatham — not unreal; tava — Your; dhāma — manifestation; samam — undifferentiated; viraja — spotless; dhiyaḥ — whose minds; anuyanti — understand; abhivipaṇyavaḥ — those who are free from all material entanglements (paṇa); eka-rasam — unchanging. Translation: Apparently entering among the variegated species of living beings You have created, You inspire them to act, manifesting Yourself according to their higher and lower positions, just as fire manifests differently according to the shape of what it burns. Therefore those of spotless intelligence, who are altogether free from material attachments, realize Your undifferentiated, unchanging Self to be the permanent reality among all these impermanent life forms. Purport: Hearing these prayers of the personified Vedas, in which the śrutis describe the Supersoul as entering countless varieties of material bodies, a critic may question how the Supreme can do this without becoming limited. Indeed, proponents of Advaita philosophy see no essential distinction between the Supreme Soul and His creation. In the

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