Thursday, December 1, 2016

Uninvited Guest

Are you prepared to receive Uninvited Guest? When some uninvited guest comes to home we get little disturbed because we haven't been told prior thus we are not prepared for it, we may have to cancel all our other plans, schedules and important meeting, appointments. I am talking of a special guest who goes to every home what to say of every home he goes to an every individual. He doesn't differentiate between rich and poor, black or white, beautiful or ugly he reaches to everyone may he live in expensive bungalow or on footpath. No body can avoid his arrival he comes without forget and if at all we are not prepared to receive him he becomes very angry and punishes us and takes away everything which we have accumulated with hard work throughout our life, he is the most cruel guest one can ever imagine. Who is he?? He is Mr. D, not some don in fact He terrifies don too...can you guess? He is Death. We often time forget about him, but he never forgets us, he keeps track of everyone. In our daily schedule of job, studies, relationships, social things we get so busy that we don't find time to think about his reception. But his reception has to be in unique way, we can't receive him by giving big money or food or hiding from him or alluring him also we can't postpone his arrival. Everyone has to face him face to face one day, but we don't know when he is coming to us, that's the big problem, that's why we have to be prepared at the each point of our life. Scriptures explains innumerable examples of devotees who dealt with this unusual guest perfectly. Some of the famous examples are king Parikshita, Dhruva Maharaj and Ajamila. How did they do that? Glories of God and Holy name has power to deliver us from cycle of birth and death and take us to eternal abode of lord, because God is controller of everything including death. When Ajamila chanted name 'Narayan' at the time of his last breath, he couldn't be touched by death but he was offered next chance to rectify his mistakes and purify his life. Death is another form of God for those who are envious of Him but for those who are lovers of God they are eager to receive Him. Just like for mouse mouth of cat is death trap but for kitten its a most secured place in the world. When we chant and hear glories of God we are actually preparing to face death, one who doesn't prepare for exams he only fears from exams similar in case of ultimate exam, death. So if we are prepared then death wants to serve us as he did in case of Dhruva, when final moment arrived in Dhruva's life, a beautiful carrier came to take him to Lord's abode that time death personified standing nearby became boarding step of celestial plane for Dhruva. In conclusion my intention is not to make you fearful but enlighten you and offer you the ways to receive this guest, who is on the way!! Article by Rupesh Gauranga Dasa

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