Thursday, January 19, 2017

Is Gita Relevant For me?

Hindus as well as practically people of all other religions have great respect towards Bhagavad Gita. Not only religionists but even scientists like Albert Einstein, Henry David Thoreau, Albert Schweitzer and others would also derive great inspiration from it. Although it's a book of inspiration hardly anyone of us are interested now a days in opening it to see what's written in it. We just pay obeisances to Gita religiously from a distance. Many of us do mistake thinking that Gita was only for the Arjuna and it's not relevant for me today. They say, what will I gain by reading which was spoken, written 5200 years ago? now we are living in modern 20th century, we are technically more advanced than people of those times, time has changed we want something new, so we can't derive any lesson out of such book written in bygone ages which doesn't has any connection with me, better not to waste time by reading it. But we fail to understand that although we have advanced so much we are facing the same problems of life which were faced by people of that time. Although technically more advanced same problems of birth, old age, disease and death still exists. Reasons can be different but anxiety, depression, tension still haunts the mind. Still there is confusion and tussle of thoughts going within. Arjuna was just a medium to transfer the message of God to all humanity. Gita is not at all a lofty talk but it's a practical guidance offered to the needy one. In Gita Lord doesn't only give us the way to come out of this miserable material conditions and attain to His eternal abode full with bliss but also teaches us how to live in the world. Arjuna was more competent than anyone of us today, he was expert in even controlling wind(tornados), his skills were mind blowing but he was lacking the will. More than telling Arjuna about fighting a war lord instructed him to fight the inner war with his own mind and desires which were restricting him to fulfil his responsibilities. Like a Arjuna we also go through the similar situations isn't it? All of us are in warlike situations in day to day life, challenges come every day, we can't avoid them and like Arjuna we also don't want to perform our respective duties many times due to lack of will power or due to laziness. We want to run away from responsibilities. But Lord's words can inspire us to fight with our external war by winning over the internal war, war with own mind and senses. Gita is not time bound it's eternal, it's message was relevant in past, it is relevant in present and it will be relevant till eternity. Because Lord's message necessarily instruct the eternal souls who have somehow accepted the material bodies. In conclusion till the time we are in this world Gita will be the 'life-line' for us to reach the eternal world. Article by Rupesh Gauranga Dasa Sent by Iskcon Desire Tree

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