Sunday, January 1, 2017

Transforming Dangal into Mangal

Turning Dangal into Mangal Recently there was a super hit movie 'Dangal', it's story revolves around the 2 wrestlers. A person named Mahavir who had to leave wrestling due to financial difficulties vows to make his son best of the wrestlers but he gets disappointed when his wife gives birth to 4 daughters. Later he realises that 2 of his daughters has the potential to become wrestlers thus he begins coaching them in wrestling. As a result of their consistent efforts both wins commonwealth games. Exciting isn't it? Wrestling or for that matter any game is thrilling and intoxicating, one derives a great pleasure especially when opponent is defeated. We all individuals can experience this wrestling at every moment within us, but most of the time we loose the competition, because we have very powerful opponent. Who is he? He is our own mind, who defeats us with his tactics, strategies, plans. And because we are habituated in getting defeated we don't try to oppose the mind rather we agree whatever mind says. Gita explains uncontrolled mind is our greatest enemy because it keeps us binding to our conditionings which stops our overall progress and create inauspiciousness. In one sense it's easy to defeat competitor who is equal to us by learning his strengths and weaknesses. But the opponent within us has very peculiar characteristics, it's most powerful as well as most stubborn and flickering even the most powerful warriors and sages were also victimised by it. In fact it has experience of defeating us, fooling us from time immemorial. Just like for 2 daughters it was practically impossible to defeat the wrestlers but when they learned from their father who was expert wrestler they could do it. Similarly spiritual teacher can coach us in the matter of wrestling with the formidable mind. To oppose the mind it's not an easy play it may require lifetime of practice, patience, sense of discrimination and purified intelligence. But consistent fight should go on, scriptures explains us that mind is the main cause of our roaming into different species of life. It covers our real identity and makes us suffer or enjoy accordingly. In conclusion fight with some wrestler is easy but fight with internal wrestler is quite difficult and long lasting it can only be won with the help of the God and His representatives. When we follow their instructions, advices, guidelines then soon this Dangal can be turned into Mangal(auspiciousness). By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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