Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to deal with Pride

Pride can take you on unsafe ride Pride is a feeling of deep satisfaction for some achievements. But many times it happens that pride goes into our heads, it turns to arrogance and we start disrespecting the superiors or from whom we have learned. Under the influence of pride one thinks that he is better than others, he considers others to be really insignificant. Pride tears the relationship. One doesn't want to listen or learn from others. When there is wound we treat it but pride grows inwards and one doesn't come to know how severe is it and how to heal it, so we generally ignore it but that can become the cause of our downfall. How to deal with pride? Let's reflect on some points to overcome this enemy which obstructs our path towards divinity. Pass on credits - whatever achievement we have attained is just because of others, no one is self made man. We all are helped by people around us, they are the contributors of our victory. Understand that we can't do anything by alone. Pass credits to those who assist us. Revise the history - in ancient texts we find that those who were proud of their achievements or prowess were humbled bitterly. Indra the king of demigods was proud of his power thus he insulted his guru Brihaspati which lead to his defeat against demons who pleased their guru Sukracharya. Identify the real contributor - God is the source of everything including our skills, strength, intelligence and body. He is the one who inspires us to do something. Gita tells us that there are 5 things responsible for happening of any work and one of that is super soul who sanctions everything. Without His sanction nothing can go ahead. Also however powerful, wealthy, aristocratic we may be but time snatches everything so better be grateful to Him. Divide or share - pride is killed when we share spotlight, achievements or deeds with others. Student comes first in class not just because he studied hard but also because he was assisted by fellow students, their notes, guidance. When he understand that and divide his success then he will never fell proud. Exercise humility - bending in front of others is quite a difficult task but it opens door of success and progress. Proud one can't ask help from someone but one who is humble it's very easy for him to acquire help even from unknown. Exercising humility means keeping humble demeanour in words, actions and attitude. Article by Rupesh Gauranga Dasa Stay Connected Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest : Soundcloud : If you liked this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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