Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love is not expression of passion but extension of compassion

Love is not about expressing passion but extending compassion Today people especially youth of the whole world are celebrating Valentine's Day by spending time with beloved one expressing their love. But there is tremendous difference between what's going on in today's world on the name of love and scriptural explanations of love. Today's love affairs are nothing but fulfilling the passionate desires which are lying in the Core of our heart. Movies, songs, news, leaders etc simply propagate and encourage innocents to go on and fulfil these cravings in the name of love. Such a love is simply selfish and gets broken over petty issues. Conditioned because of anarthas and habits one keeps enjoying sense pleasure thinking it to be love thus gets mislead without knowing what is the real or true love. This perverted love creates agitation in mind and dissatisfaction in heart also future becomes darkened. This love binds one to unlimited sufferings. We have to be aware of deluding forces of the world which mislead us towards the path of sense gratification. Love is showing concern, compassion and care for beloved. Concern for this life and for future. Scriptures explains that if you love someone then you must take a responsibility of delivering that person from cycle of birth and death, how many of us think about the next life of beloved? Lord Krishna is our real lover, He is ocean of compassion. Although we have left Him millions of years ago He still accompanies us in the form of super soul. He still reminds us of our relation with Him through saintly devotees, scriptures, deities and so many other things. He offers us so many ways to go back. He still wants us back, He hasn't forgotten any one of us, He is eagerly waiting for us, He can immediately free us but we are holding on to selfish love of this world. In conclusion lord doesn't say that don't love your beloved but He says don't limit or restrict your love till bodily platform. Love for the body will finish when the body is finished, body is temporary, soul is eternal. Think about soul's welfare, his spiritual journey. Offer everyone the devotional service by which they can reach Lord's eternal kingdom one day, that's the aim of human life, that's the real love which can free us and others from slumber of material existence. By Rupeshgauranga Dasa Stay Connected Website: http://ift.tt/1oJekp9 Twitter: https://twitter.com/idtsevaks Facebook: http://ift.tt/2iTcKJw Instagram:http://ift.tt/2jN11dS Pinterest : http://ift.tt/2iTgsCQ Soundcloud : http://ift.tt/2jNc3A3 If you liked this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/CxIYWY

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