Saturday, April 22, 2017

How should a woman dress? - Mohini Madhavi Mataji

How should a woman dress by Mohini Madhavi Mataji - Women in Krishna Consciousness Series - 14 In this video, Maral Alymova Vijay also known as Mohini Madhavi Devi Dasi who is a journalist at ‘Club Blagost San Jose’ beautifully describes, 1. The Beauty of a woman 2. How their beauty can blind the man 3. How they can show respect to man 4. Karmical reaction and power of their beauty On the event of Happy International Women's day, ISKCON desire tree has started a series highlighting the important roles of women in ISKCON. This series will be hosted on as well as our upcoming Hare Krishna television channel. With your co operation we wish to continue this series on a long term basis. To contribute and for more details, kindly mail to Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi on To watch the entire playlist kindly click the follwing link : Visit ISKCON Desire Tree - Devotee Network at: Stay connected, Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest : Soundcloud : If you liked this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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