Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajamana - Lord Rama devotional song bhajan

Sri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajamana - Lord Rama devotional song bhajan Shriramachandra kripalu bhaju mana harana bhavabhaya darunam, Navakanja-lochana, kanjamukha kara kanja pada kanjarunam. O blessed mind! Always meditate upon Lord SriRAmachandra, Who is full of Grace! He surely eliminates the dreaded fear of Bhava (transmigration through worldly existence), which is extremely fierce! Oh, fortunate mind! Adore the beauty of His eyes, resembling the pink petals of freshly bloomed lotus. Worship His tender, fragrant, lotus face, the delicate reddish lotus flowers of His hands and feet. || 1 || Kandarpa aganita amita chavinava neela-neeraja sundaram, Pata peeta manahu tadita ruchi shuchi noumi, janaka sutavaram. I prostrate to the most handsome Lord having infinite charm, whose beauty excels uncountable cupids, and whose transcendental bodily luster resembles dark, fresh rain-filled clouds. My sincere salutations to the chosen Groom of SitA Devi, the divine Daughter of King Janaka, and to the Lord Who is clad in ever pure yellow silk garments, shining as bright as the lightning. || 2 || Bhaju deenbandhu dinesha danava-daitya-vansha-nikandanam, Raghunanda anandakanda koshala chandra dasharatha-nanadanam. O naive mind! Meditate upon the glory of Lord RAma, Who is the true Friend of the poor and afflicted, the sole Refuge of the distressed! Being the effulgent transcendental sun, my Lord has destroyed the ignorant, evil-minded demons by His prowess. The beloved Son of King Dasaratha, who is the very source of Bliss, is also the source of joy and pride to the entire Raghu dynasty. He ever reigns over the kingdom of Kosala and shines as the cool transcendental moon. || 3 || Shira mukuta kundala tilaka charu udaru anga vibhushanam, Aajaanubhuja shara-chaapa-dhara, sangrama-jita-khara dushanam. O restless mind! Fondly remember the tall, enchanting Personality of Beloved RAma, Who is adorned with the Royal crown, charming earrings, beautiful auspicious mark of Tilak on forehead along with other elegant jewels on His blessed body, Always think of His extremely charming form, holding the victorious bow and arrows in his lovely long arms which reach all the way up to knee-point (AjAnubhuja), He who conquered the fierce demons like Khara and Dushana in battle. || 4 || Iti vadati tulasidasa shankara-sesha-muni-mana-ranjanam, Mama hridaya kanja-nivaasa kuru, kaamaadi khala-dala-ganjanam Tulasi DAsa is glorifying his Lord thus, "O Lord, Who is the Source of unlimited Divine Bliss to the minds of Lord Shiva, Shesha as well as all other great Sages, O my beloved Lord, please reside in my Lotus-Heart, so that all the worldly desires and other offenses can be destroyed completely. " || 5 || - Sant Tulsidas Stay Connected Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest : Soundcloud : If you liked this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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