Tuesday, October 3, 2017

यदि गांधारी ने पट्टी नही बांधी होती तो क्या होता? - नमिता पुरोहित

भारतीय इतिहास की अतुल्य नारियां - यदि गांधारी ने पट्टी नही बांधी होती तो क्या होता? - नमिता पुरोहित यदि गांधारी ने पट्टी नही बांधी होती तो क्या होता? Yadi gandhari ne Patti Nahin baandhi hoti to Kya hota? by Namita Purohit Namita Purohit (Navakishori) is the Founder, principal trainer and Counselor at Bhakti Women (http://ift.tt/2mf2jQu). Bhakti Women's mission is 'To empower women in making harmonious choices in their life by helping them connect with their essence'. We organized many programs for women and girls in USA , India and online with a focus on Leadership, Management, Overcoming biases and stereotypes, Work Life Integration, Career Growth,Motherhood and other life roles,Creative Arts, Self Awareness,Self Esteem, Self Care , Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness among others. To watch the entire playlist kindly click the following link : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhtmKWc6vRTBgeZRdLfR4g_Rm9bz9ezJk To watch more videos of Namita Purohit, kindly click the following link : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhtmKWc6vRTDcGUTHxl2-cHm2kCumEMZ9 LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** Website : http://ift.tt/1oJekp9 ** Facebook : http://ift.tt/2iTcKJw ** Twitter : https://twitter.com/idtsevaks ** Soundcloud : http://ift.tt/2jNc3A3 ** Donate : http://ift.tt/2tqvoKG __ ISKCON Desire Tree started in year 2002 ,With purpose of spreading Krishna Consciousness movement Worldwide which is now grown as online community devoted to give a warm and friendly environment for all people interested in spirituality, compassion, meditation and wisdom. On Janmashtami 2016, ISKCON Desire Tree launched a dedicated 24x7 television channel "Hare Krsna TV". You can watch "HARE KRSNA TV" on your computer screen at http://ift.tt/2npXKa1

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