Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Queens of Victory and Escape l ISKCON Pune Drama

INTRO ABOUT THE DRAMA The Queens of Victory & Escape Performed by ISKCON Pune, A spectacular dramatical extravaganza of fearless devotion, spiritual patriotism, immense love, intense separation, chivalrous valour, astounding miracles and breathtaking adventure, all culminating in an enormous leap of faith. Relish this spiritual dramatic feast of dance, drama & entertainment and get educated about the life of a glorious acharya - Narayan Bhat Goswami, his divine expeditions, the establishment of the Shreeji Temple on the hills of Barsana and what followed next.... And experience the mercy of 2 divine Queens- the Queens of Victory and Escape. Written & Directed by: H.G. Radha Vrindavan Chandra Pr (Vishal Dhumavat) - a builder & developer by profession H.G. Sundar Kanai Pr (Adv Sunny Kolapkar)- a practising lawyer by profession. H.G. Suvarna Gaurang pr (Shesh Arora) - A builder by profession H.G. Sonar Hari pr (Sunny Hinduja) - An IT professional Some important contributions Lyrics - Rasika Shiromani Mataji Music Direction - Pramod Chillal Studio Recordist - Sanjay Deshpande VFX & Videography - Piyush Duddhalwar Sketches & Choreography - Partha Hari Pr Story - H.G. Vishwaroop Pr (ISKCON CHOWPATTY) Special thanks to Vijay Khunekari Pr for providing professional cameras & other camera equipments Special thanks to H.G. Govind pr (ISKCON Chowpatty) for overall guidance & support.

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