Monday, April 30, 2018

Dashavatar Bhajan by Shivram Prabhu

In Puranic Lore, Vishnu Is The Preserver Of The Universe And The Cosmic Order. The Dashavatar prose written by Jayadev Goswami depicts Of The Ten Incarnations Of Vishnu Who Descends To The Terrestrial World To Establish Stability And Order, Time And Again. The Avatars Occur In A Sequence The First Was Matsya Or Fish Representing Life In Water, Followed By Kurma Or Turtle Signifying Life In Water And On Land, Then Varaha Or Boar Alluding To Terrestrial Life And So On. Whenever the world was threatened by a great calamity, or by the wickedness of its inhabitants, Vishnu, as Preserver, comes to earth in some form, restores the balance and when his work was done returns again to the skies. Thus Vishnu is said to have taken many avatars at various points of time. The ten most popular avatars are discussed here. LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** Website : ** Facebook : ** Twitter : ** Soundcloud : ** Donate : __ ISKCON Desire Tree started in year 2002 ,With purpose of spreading Krishna Consciousness movement Worldwide which is now grown as online community devoted to give a warm and friendly environment for all people interested in spirituality, compassion, meditation and wisdom. On Janmashtami 2016, ISKCON Desire Tree launched a dedicated 24x7 television channel "Hare Krsna TV". You can watch "HARE KRSNA TV" on your computer screen at

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