Monday, August 6, 2018

Panchkuta Ki Sabzi | पंचकूटा की सब्जी | Shravan Special | How to Make Panchkuta Ki Sabzi at home

Panchkuta ki Sabzi is also popularly known as ker sangri. This curry primarily consists of 5 ingredients - Ker, Sangri, Amchur, Gunda and Kumati and hence the name Panchkuta. Once you prepare this, the sabzi can be stored for a few days and since it doesn't get spoiled, you can use this as a travel food. This goes well with a cold pudi, paratha or even a chapathi. All these ingredients are dry and because the weather in Rajasthan is generally dry, this is a common food item in a Jain Rajasthani Cuisine. Chef - Mahasundari Devi Dasi

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