Saturday, November 17, 2018

Why I love Kirtan ? by Panchgauda Das

#ThePowerofKirtan Kirtan is the call-and-response form of chanting that typifies the Hare Krishna movement; it is the congregational singing of spiritually uplifting songs, prayers, or the sacred names of the Supreme Being Lord Krishna. It is accompanied with traditional Indian instruments such as the mrdanga (drum) and kartalas (hand cymbals). Kirtan is the most powerful means of meditation to invoke the inner beauty of one’s own identity in relation to the Supreme spirit. LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** Website : ** Facebook : ** Twitter : ** Soundcloud : ** Donate : __ ISKCON Desire Tree started in year 2002 ,With purpose of spreading Krishna Consciousness movement Worldwide which is now grown as online community devoted to give a warm and friendly environment for all people interested in spirituality, compassion, meditation and wisdom. On Janmashtami 2016, ISKCON Desire Tree launched a dedicated 24x7 television channel "Hare Krsna TV". You can watch "HARE KRSNA TV" Live at or Visit

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