Tuesday, March 9, 2021

हमरे जीवन में माँ की भुमिका ?| Aapke Mann Ki Baat Hamaare Saath | Tarun Krishna Das Motivational

Series Name: Aapke Mann Ki Baat, Hamare Saath Today's Topic: Mother's role in our life? Speaker: Tarun Krishna Das Watch our talk show. There will be Your questions and Our answers. Solve the riddle of Your every question with us in Our program Aapke Mann Ki Baat Hamare Saath 🔹 Tarun Krishna Das is an IT professional, MBA Finance, Executive MBA Cohort (ISB, Hyderabad), works in a global MNC and is a Digital Transformation Leader. He speaks on various motivational and life coaching topics for the benefit of social uplifting and mankind.

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