Wednesday, June 23, 2021

आज ही ऑनलाइन जगन्नाथ स्नान यात्रा के लिए रजिस्टर करें | Register Now For Online Snana Yatra #shorts

#HarekrsnaTV #SnanaYatra #Yatra #LordJagannath जगन्नाथ स्नान यात्रा (जगन्नाथ प्राकट्य दिवस) 👉 Click the below register your online Abhishek: 📝 ✨ Register for online Snana Yatra 💦💦🎉 Lets bathe 💦 the Lord of the Universe Sri Jagannath Ji. 🚩🛕 Jagannath Snana Yatra Festival 🛕 is celebrated on the full moon 🌕 day of the Jyeshtha month as the day of appearance of Lord Jagannath. On this day, bathing 💦 Lord Jagannath the Lord of the Universe, makes us the recipient of his immense grace. We will bathe Lord Sri Sri Jagannath, Baldev and Subhadra ji on your behalf. The amount of donation 💰 will be used to take the glory of Lord Jagannath to every town & village 🛖🏡. Today Hare Krsna TV 📺 reaches to over 5 crore homes. 🏚️ 🔖 To get Tax Free 80G receipt please do Bank Transfer. For more information contact: 📞 + 91 902 9594 888 Like👍 | Comment👇 | Share👫 | Subscribe👈 ______________________________________________ Watch 24x7 free to air satellite television channel "Hare Krsna TV" on your Television set/ Mobile/ Tablet / Laptop /PC. More details Disclaimer: ________________________________________________ Donate: Join Whatsapp & Telegram groups: Sign Up for latest news on Hare Krsna TV : ISKCON Website : Facebook : Twitter : Message us: WhatsApp + 91 7666 839 839 Email: ______________________________________________ ISKCON Desire Tree established in 2002 Hare Krsna TV established in 2016

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