Thursday, July 8, 2021

दिन की शुरुआत सूरज के साथ | Break the Snooze Button | Sanatana Dharma Prabhu

#HarekrsnaTV #Spirituality #Sanatan #Dharma #Prabhu #SanatanDharmaPrabhu #iskconlive #talkshow 📌 Subject: दिन की शुरुआत सूरज के साथ (Break the Snooze Button) 🎙️ Speaker: Sanatana Dharma Prabhu Brahma Muhurta which translates to the time of Brahma is pristine, unpolluted, unblemished and it is the best time for meditation, prayers, and preparing for the day ahead. Waking up early and synchronizing one’s activities according to the rhythm of the sun offers many benefits. A great frequency of energy fills up space with hope, inspiration, and peace at this time. Join us to know how to reap all these benefits. 🔹 Our guide HG Sanatana Dharma Das (NIT, Ex. Manager Tata Moters) who is a monk and teacher of Higher Vedic studies and Applied Sciences at ISKCON, A Youth Counselor and spiritual mentor. Click below link to Watch more videos of "Sidhi Bat Prabhuji Ke Sath" by Sanatana Dharma Das

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