Thursday, July 1, 2021

दबाएं लाइफ का रिसेट बटन! | Inhale your future and exhale your past | Sanatana Dharma Prabhu

#HarekrsnaTV #Spirituality #Sanatan #Dharma #Prabhu #SanatanDharmaPrabhu #iskconlive #talkshow 📌 Subject: Inhale your future and exhale your past 🎙️ Speaker: Sanatana Dharma Prabhu You’ve probably had those times (and maybe it’s right now) when you feel burned out and restless, like you need to get more motivated and energized in life. 🔹 Our guide HG Sanatana Dharma Das (NIT, Ex. Manager Tata Moters) who is a monk and teacher of Higher Vedic studies and Applied Sciences at ISKCON, A Youth Counselor and spiritual mentor. Click below link to Watch more videos of "Sidhi Bat Prabhuji Ke Sath" by Sanatana Dharma Das

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