Tuesday, July 13, 2021

कर्म और कार्मिक अकाउंट | Karm and Karmik Account | Ketaki Vaspate

#HarekrsnaTV #Womeninkc #karmas #karmiclesson #Karma #Life #KarmikAccount 🔖 Subject: Karm and Karmik Account 🎙️Guest Speaker: Ketaki Vaspate 🎙 Talk Show 👩🏻Women in Krishna Consciousness (HINDI) 🔷 Ketaki Vaspate also known as Krishna bhava Devi Dasi, was born and brought up in Nasik, Maharashtra. She is a B.E. Production and MBA by qualification. She has special interest in studying and spreading Vedic teachings for women. Active as a speaker and author on various platforms.

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