Saturday, October 16, 2021

22 वर्षों से भगवद गीता का प्रचार कर रहे अर्थशास्त्र में Gold Medalist की कहानी, Venugopal Acharya

Kartik Maas Seva, On behalf of all our Donors, we will offer Lamps to Mother Yamuna in Shridham Vrindavan and in ISKCON Temple: or Contact 902 9594 888 "एक मुलाकात - कृष्ण भक्त के साथ" शो, आपके लिए दुनिया भर के कुछ सबसे प्रेरणादायक लोगों को लाता है। आज के एपिसोड के लिए, हमारे साथ है, इंडिया के Vraja Bihari Das (Venugopal Acharya) 🔷 Vraja Bihari Das (also known as –Venugopal Acharya) is a full-time monk for the last 2 decades, counsellor, author and teacher. He has a Majors degree in Economics and a Masters in Monetary Policy and International Finance. He shares his daily reflections, meditations, and discourses on his website and hundreds of talks on his YouTube channel, Acharyaji continues to help and guide the masses across borders through his social media. He is a seasoned international speaker, having travelled and spoken in the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Russia, and other parts of Europe and the Middle East. He shares candid thoughts on mental hygiene, spiritual discipline, and finding deep emotional fulfilment in his talks. He joined the Times Group after completing his MBA in Finance and has a wealth of corporate experience, having undertaken projects for multinational companies such as KPMG Peat Marwick and ICICI Bank. He now counsels young men in the monastery and trains a satellite community of 100+ families in Northern Mumbai. Teaching Bhakti-Yoga (a form of Yoga that includes investing emotions and prayers) is one of his favourite subjects. Watch more videos of "Ek Mulakat Krishna Bhakt Ke Sath"

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