Wednesday, October 13, 2021

3 टिप्स, जो किसी भी एडिक्शन से दूरी बनाने में करेंगे मदद | 3 Tips for Overcoming Addiction

🔖 Subject: एडिक्शन को दूर भगाने के अचूक उपाय (Long Term Strategies forOvercoming Addiction) 🎙️ Speaker: Namita Purohit 👩🏻 Addiction is a complex condition that creates a lot of disturbance in a person's well being, growth, relationships, finances and more. People get addicted to various things like drugs, caffeine, Alcohol, shopping, food, surfing and many other such things. Why do people get addicted? What can be done to help them overcome their addiction? How does spirituality help one from falling into the trap of addiction? Join us to get answers to these questions from our in house life coach Namita Purohit. She will also share 3 key steps that one must take to overcome their addictions. 🔹 Namita Purohit has offered training/coaching organizations/ institutions like Amazon, Microsoft, IIT Madras, Starbucks, Expedia, Boeing, Costco, Lufthansa, Cap Gemini, Bellevue College, Indian Army, Indian Navy , etc across USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland and India! Playlist for all past shows of “Life Coaching with Namita”: Connect with Namita Purohit: Mailing list: Facebook group: Telegram:

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