Thursday, October 28, 2021

क्या BHAKTI बुढ़ापे में करनी चाहिए ? DO I WAIT FOR OLD AGE | Sanatan Dharma Prabhu

क्या BHAKTI बुढ़ापे में करनी चाहिए ? DO I WAIT FOR OLD AGE | Sanatan Dharma Prabhu 🔖 Topic: क्या भक्ति बुढ़ापे में करनी चाहिए? (Which is right age for Bhakti?) 👩🏻 👱🏻‍♀️ 🎙️ Speaker: Sanatana Dharma Prabhu Almost 99% believe that we need to enjoy life as much as possible and when old age comes and you may not be able to do anything then you think about Spirituality. How important it is to develop your spiritual quotient early before it is too late... Chapters in the talk show: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:02:15 The "ills" from womb to tomb 0:05:00 Kaumaram acaret prajna 0:08:52 Can a 5 year old child understand Bhakti? 0:15:10 Will bhakti affect our studies in the teenage? 0:21:30 Balancing materialistic passion and bhakti in life 0:23:50 Four types of people who take shelter of the lord 0:28:35 Who is a fool? 0:32:35 Bhakti in Grihastha ashram 0:45:10 Life is full of choices! 0:47:55 How can a 18 year old start bhakti? 0:49:24 Dealing with anxiety problems 0:52:02 Krsna - avatar or avatari? 0:57:25 Age to take initiation 0:57:55 How to move on? 1:01:05 Importance of association 1:03:10 Why 16 rounds of chanting in a day? 1:09:25 How to progrees in Bhakti? 1:11:10 My family forces me to eat meat.What to do? 1:13:19 ABCD in bhakti 1:17:25 There's always a smoke with fire 1:19:15 Friendship with devotees 1:24:25 Final thoughts on today's topic 🔹 Our guide HG Sanatana Dharma Das (NIT, Ex. Manager Tata Moters) who is a monk and teacher of Higher Vedic studies and Applied Sciences at ISKCON, A Youth Counselor and spiritual mentor. Click the below link to Watch more videos of "Sidhi Bat Prabhuji Ke Sath" by Sanatana Dharma Das

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