Saturday, October 2, 2021

जानिए कैसे Mumbai के famous हॉस्पिटल के डॉक्टर ने अपनाया कृष्ण भक्ति, अनोखी कहानी Dwarkadhish Das की

Pitru Seva special Prayers (Shradh Special): or Contact 9167 477 477. "एक मुलाकात - कृष्ण भक्त के साथ" शो, आपके लिए दुनिया भर के कुछ सबसे प्रेरणादायक लोगों को लाता है। आज के एपिसोड के लिए, हमारे साथ है, इंडिया के Dwarkadhish Das (Dr. Dhaval Dalal) 🔷 Dwarkadhish Das (Dr. Dhaval Dalal) is a postgraduate in medicine (MD) from Mumbai University. He is the Head of Department and one of the founder members and Trustees of the Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Center located at Mira Road in Mumbai. His search for meaningful life led him to Krishna Consciousness in 1982 during his undergraduate years 🔖 Dwarkadhish Das with his wife took up service as Spiritual Counsellors in 1992 and have been striving to help devotees especially in their Grhastha life, to this end they have been travelling to India and abroad. Dwarkadhish Das with his wife are the part of the Grihastha Vision Team at Radha Gopinath Mandir and also organise Premarital Training programs. Another service He loves to perform is dramas at their Annual Drama festival. Watch more videos of "Ek Mulakat Krishna Bhakt Ke Sath"

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