Friday, February 25, 2022

गणित में Gold Medalist और Chemical Engineer, भारत के युवाओं मे कर रहे हैं कृष्ण के ज्ञान का प्रचार

"Ek Mulakat Krishna Bhakt Ke Sath" शो, आपके लिए दुनिया भर के कुछ सबसे प्रेरणादायक लोगों को लाता है। आज के एपिसोड के लिए, हमारे साथ हैं, ISKCON Varanasi से Acyuta Mohan Das 🔷 Acyuta Mohan Das was born in a traditional marwari family from Rajasthan. He is a Youth mentor, trainer and Educator as well as Gold medalist in National maths Olympiad and professional Badminton player in college days. He Did his from NIT Surathkal in Chemical engineering. He had Worked with Oracle Corp, Bangalore before joining ISKCON in 2011. He has conducted spiritual courses for students of several premier institutions including IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc. Organised large scale youth fests at various cities of India, offered specialized spiritual events for business groups, corporate houses and professionals. Currently he is serving as Temple President in both ISKCON Varanasi and Prayagraj.

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