Sunday, March 20, 2022

Young Scientist को हुआ ISKCON से प्यार | धोती कुर्ता में करते है Bhagavad Gita का प्रचार

Hare Krishna "Ek Mulakat Krishna Bhakt Ke Sath" शो, आपके लिए दुनिया भर के कुछ सबसे प्रेरणादायक लोगों को लाता है। आज के एपिसोड के लिए, हमारे साथ हैं, ISKCON Ahmedabad से Dr. Prem Vilas Das Dr. Prem Vilas Das (Pathik Brahmkshatriya) was born in an educated family in Ahmedabad. During his stay in Europe in Prague, Czech Republic in 2011; he came in contact with devotees and joined Krishna consciousness movement. After completing his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Gujarat University, he spent 4 years in Europe for conducting research projects and also worked in several multinational companies. Currently, he is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iconnectar Pharma. As a scientist, he has got several publications and patents to his credit. Currently, at ISKCON Ahmedabad his services involve Youth and Congregational preaching; and spiritual mentoring. He is a YouTube motivational speaker and Corporate coach as well.

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