Wednesday, April 13, 2022

TOXIC Parents/In-Laws के साथ कैसे रहे | Dealing With Narcissistic Elders in Family | Namita Purohit

TOXIC Parents/In-Laws के साथ कैसे रहे | Dealing With Narcissistic Elders in Family |Namita Purohit 🔖 Topic: Toxic Parents/Inlaws , Set Boundaries Or Tolerate ? 🎙️ Speaker: Namita Purohit 👩🏻 When elders in the family are toxic/ narcissistic it becomes particularly difficult to navigate those relationships.Should you set boundaries or should you tolerate? How do you maintain the culture of respect for elders while taking care of yourself? Should you allow violation of your boundaries in the name of being obedient and dutiful? How do you take care of yourself? Join us on April 13, 8pm to get answers to these and many other questions from our in house Life Coach Namita Purohit on the show "Life Coaching With Namita" 🔷 Namita Purohit is a seasoned life coach. She is also the founder of the EASE Coach Certification School & the EASE Life Coaching Academy. Her coaching approach is based on eastern wisdom and western psychology. She has offered training/coaching at various organizations/ institutions like Amazon, Microsoft, IIT Madras, Starbucks, Expedia, Boeing, Costco, Lufthansa, Indian Army & Navy ,etc across USA, UK, Europe and India! Related Shows अपने आसपास के Toxic लोगों से निपटने के 5 स्मार्ट तरीके | How To Deal With Haters & Toxic People? The Mother Wound परिवार के दुष्ट/नेगेटिव लोगों से कैसे निपटें Set Boundaries with a toxic/narcissistic family member? Hidden Signs of TOXIC Gaslighting | How it Breaks You & 2 Ways to Deal With i KARMIC Relationship से कैसे छूटे| Break free from Toxic People -Best Tip Playlist:Handle Difficult/Toxic Relationships Connect with Namita Purohit: Youtube: Instagram: Mailing list: Facebook group: Playlist for all past shows: #HarekrsnaTV #ToxicPeople #Relationship #Love #Healing #Abuse #Dealwithtoxicpeople #Toxic #narcissist

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