Friday, December 30, 2016

Does your action turn to satisfaction ??

Why do we play games? Why do we want to go for recreation? Why do we watch movies? Why do we make friends or engage in relationships? Why do people work hard? Different people have different expectations from their job or work or for that matter any activity. In case of work someone may be there just for money or someone may have different purpose to be there. But ultimately everyone is seeking only for satisfaction, everyone is looking for some kind of mellow or pleasure through any activity. There are 3 kinds of satisfactions, satisfaction on bodily level, on mental and ego level but higher than that is satisfaction on spiritual level. Satisfaction on bodily level includes sensual pleasures or pleasures acquired through working senses. Satisfaction on mental level is of wide varieties, which includes pleasures on emotional, egoistic, intellectual levels, and it is higher than sensual pleasure. But pleasure based on body and mental platform are temporary and eventually leads to misery as well as anxiety. That's why we see even those who are filthy rich, well positioned are also some point of time fearful and anxious about their money, own security and social position. So in other words their actions are producing fear instead of satisfaction. This happens with everyone, generally one looks for something but receives something else, because one fails to look or concentrate on proper place which can give the real satisfaction. Spiritual satisfaction is real and highest of all and as name suggest it belong to our real self, the soul. How inexhaustible soul can find pleasure in exhaustible or temporary things? It's impossible. So if we don't endeavour for spiritual satisfaction we will always be miserable even though we may be multimillionaire. In conclusion according to BG 2.65, if one doesn't focuses on satisfaction on spiritual level then threefold miseries will always exist for him. Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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