Friday, December 30, 2016

What's in the Name ?

Now a days there is so much discussion going on about the name of one of the celebrity's child. Some of the people are deliberating that this particular name may hurt the feelings of Hindus, others say that parents have right to give any name to their baby, some others refereeing to Shakespeare say that, what's there in the name (This reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are). For all of us name is so important, it's our identity, people know us by name. Without names life would be so boring and confusing. Names play a significant part in our life. It's often observed(it's also researched scientifically) that name do affect the personality, personal character and behaviour. So it was the custom that parents would keep name of the child belonging to great historical personalities or belonging to gods. This would help the child and even parents. History tells us the example of Ajamila. Ajamila was gentle and pious person by nature but somehow or other he felt victim to lust and got entangled with prostitute. In due course of time she gave birth to many kids, the youngest child, who was very dear to Ajamila, was given the name 'Narayana'. It's one of the name of Lord Vishnu. When Ajamila was on the verge of death, Yamdutas, the servants of Yamaraja came to take him. By seeing their fierce form Ajamila was terrified and started calling for his youngest son by his name, 'Narayana'. As soon as he uttered the names of Lord, the servants of Lord, Vishnudutas came to rescue him to gave him another chance of improvement. Actually there is nothing in ordinary names but there is everything and full potency in the names of God which can deliver people of cumbersome material world. Anyhow one hears or call out for His names receives the benefits for eternity. Therefore we see that all the saints and the spiritual teachers give emphasis on chanting and hearing of Holy names. In conclusion we have to fold our life in such a way that somehow or other we are speaking and hearing the names of God or names of His pure devotees which only can infuse auspiciousness in us and all around. By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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