Thursday, December 29, 2016

Movies doesn't Move us

While my travels may that be short or long distanced I observed the people were absorbed in their mobiles watching the movies. Their eyes were right into mobile screen and headphones on their ears, they were unmoved by any distractions around. According to them they were utilising their time in noble way. Some of them found to be so addicted that they started new movie immediately after end of the first one. Movies are considered to be good medium of entertainment. But along with the entertainment lot of violence, vulgarity is also shown which contaminates and agitates the mind rather than refreshing it. Most of the time movies take you away from reality of the world and presents falsity which makes the similar impression on mind thus person starts expecting more than what world and people can offer, thus gets ultimately frustrated. Movies doesn't take us anywhere, it makes us stagnant, in our attitude and behaviour towards the world, we can't move, can't grow. It just kills our time and sucks the energy. In Vedic times of course there were not any movies but there used to be the dramas or other entertainment programs. These programs would not only entertain and offer enjoyment to people but it would make people to understand realities of life as well as purpose of human life which is not only enjoyment. Today's movies, cinemas lack these skills of illuminating people for their real goal but promote 'do as you wish'. People should understand where their benefit lies, if they are unable they should approach scriptures and expert spiritualists. In conclusion we are not against the movies but they should spread the substantial message in society rather then just providing entertainment, teach people how to control the anger, stress, dealing with depression and unexpected situations, teach them to deal with the negativity of thoughts and actions. Movie should move the people forward and not make them stagnant, in their thoughts and consciousness by keeping them unaware of realities by showing false hopes. Article By Rupesh Gauranga Dasa

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