Thursday, December 29, 2016

Regulation is for Elevation

For most of the people regulation is weird term, they just want freedom or free culture. According to them freedom means, 'whatever comes to my mind I will do that for my immediate enjoyment'. These people don't use their intellect for thinking about good or bad effects of such following. For example someone may say, "I like sleeping for long hours so I will sleep, I love eating junk food I will eat, I relish watching movies I will spend money and watch all movies, i like to drink so I drink, I do whatever feels me good, why should I think about regulating myself if I am enjoying?" But they forget to understand that this pleasure which they are receiving is not healthy pleasure, it can create many problems in physical body as well as in mind, also such pleasures won't last long. So we have to control and regulate our likings, habits. We must have observed kite flying. Kite is tied to thread, if the kite thinks that this thread is restricting me thus I need to free myself from thread to go higher and higher thus it separates itself from thread. But what's the result of that? Will kite go higher? No, it will come down. Similar with the example of train, it's bound by railways thus it's going ahead. If someone wants to be successful in life he has to be regulated in terms of his likings, he has to sacrifice many things by thinking of higher goal in life. Without regulation we become like an animals. In spiritual life also we have to regulate ourselves in so many ways without getting disturbed by understanding that these regulations are meant for our advancement only. Without regulation spiritual as well as material life becomes chaotic. Regulation helps to develop determination and to get off mental platform. Generally people avoid scriptures thinking that it will ask me for restricting my pleasures but scriptures doesn't tell us about restricting our enjoyment tendencies but they offer us the ways of regulating such proclivities so that slowly slowly one may advance on spiritual path. By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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