Sunday, January 8, 2017

Are you Worrier or Warrior?

Become a warrior not a worrier Worry, tension or anxiety is very common word in today's world. Everyone seems to be annoyed by something or someone. Worry is state of being troubled over problems in life. Student is worrying about exams and homework, husband is upset about his salary and relationship with wife, older generation is worrying about their health and future so on and so forth. According to Gita(ch. 16.11-12) this 'worry' doesn't leave the person till the end of his life. In today's digital and modern world existence of worry simply shows that none of the things of the world can solve the problem of 'worrying'. So many things are being created to relieve us from worry but no, no permanent solution has found yet. In fact those things which are created for relieving our worry gives more anxiety. Worry is like a mobile application which is constantly running at the back of mind, which just drains our mental and physical energy without any constructive result. Not only common people but everyone goes through worries but great personalities know how to deal with it. Arjuna was also worried about so many things, his own future, his relatives, his kingdom, his soldiers etc. Nothing could help him at the crucial moment on battlefield, although he was considered to be most perfect archer of that time still he was perplexed, he gave up his bow and arrow and was about to leave for the forest. Nothing could convince his mind except Lord Krishna's promising and hope giving words. Many of us think that by accepting the spirituality we shall lose all our worries, our problems, but no. It was not that after listening to Bhagavad Gita war was cancelled and Arjuna lived happily ever after, the war was same, the fighters were same but now Arjuna's purpose for fighting was different. Now he was fighting on behalf of Krishna, he was not bothered about victory or loss. Similarly by accepting Bhakti process the problems of life won't diminish they will still be there, but now Lord is with us and we struggleto please him. In conclusion let's not keep worrying about past, present or future but try our best to fight with those issues like Arjuna and for results depend upon Krishna that will actually reduce our worries and anxiety. By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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