Saturday, January 7, 2017

Spirituality Transforms Victims into Victors

Spirituality transforms Victims into Victors Many people think that spiritual practices are for weaker, those who can't fight back against atrocities or problems, weaker depends on God for their protection and help. According to them spirituality means 'just accepting whatever is happening to me is because of my past deeds and I just need to suffer without doing anything'. But that's wrong philosophy. Yes, spirituality teaches us to be humble, grateful, tolerant, forgiving, kind to everyone but that doesn't mean we should just keep watching violence or aggression on us or on others. No we have to fight back, we have to defend and protect. Lord never taught us that keep suffering, become victim and let aggressor flourish. No, that wasn't message of Gita. Panadavas were humiliated, tormented again and again, they were kept deprived of their rights to rule not only that but queen Draupadi was insulted in whole assembly. So many troubles they went through in their life. They were the victims of atrocities performed by Kauravas. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra Arjuna had almost decided not to fight back against the aggressors and go to forest but this decision was not sanctioned by Lord Krishna at all. If Lord would have agreed to this decision of Arjuna then it would become the custom or perpetual legacy that, 'if you are victim or sufferer keep suffering and if you are aggressor keep exploiting good people'. But no, Lord never wanted that. His incarnation in the world is for destruction of demons and protection of good people. Lord inspired Arjuna with divine knowledge and made him to fight with Kauravas. He says in Gita 11.33 to Arjuna that, "Therefore get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom". Lord wants us to enjoy and be happy. In conclusion Spirituality(Bhagavad Gita) teaches us not only to fight back with our external enemies but also gives us strength to deal with internal enemies. Actually internal enemies are stronger that external because they decreases our resolve to fight with external enemies. Lord doesn't want that we should keep suffering and always become victimised, He wants us to fight back against injustice, problems, issues. So let's not become victim but become victor by taking up to the path of spirituality!! By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

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